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Service Providers

1. Receive Work Opportunities : Get notified about the relevant posted services or easily explore all of the available posted services.

2. Submit Offers : Review details of services requested and submit your most competitive offer. Don’t worry this is also FREE.

3. Complete the Task : When your offer is accepted, do your best to complete the task and enjoy earning more money the more you build your reputation.

Service Seekers

1. Requesting a Service: Describe the needed service clearly and determine its time & location and your budget. It's always FREE to post your requests.

2. Receive and Review Offers: In just a few minutes, you will receive a number of service offers from KAFOU Service Providers.

3. Select the Right Offer: Select the best offer and track your service progress.

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About Us

Inspiring People To Believe In Their Abilities And Encouraging Them To Build A Better World.

KAFOU is a comprehensive and user-friendly application that facilitates the process of connecting service seekers who are looking to get some tasks done, with qualified service providers who are looking to earn money and build a good reputation.

What Is KAFOU ?

Each one of us, at some point of time, might need to outsource some tasks, and when this is the case, “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” begins. Where to search? Whom to ask? How much to pay? Would s/he be available when I need him/her? and many more other questions that need to be answered to accomplish the MISSION.

In the meanwhile, there are a lot of unutilized energies and capabilities that are wasted because of the inability to find suitable opportunities.

The KAFOU application was built by an ambitious and forward-looking team to connect Service Seekers with trusted Service Providers who are ready to work to accomplish the MISSION.

There are a wide range of services that can be offered / completed through KAFOU. From simple services around the home (e.g. cleaning, gardening, and plumbing…etc.), private lessons, pedicure & manicure to services for businesses (e.g. office admin and computer & IT support …etc.). There are also a range of creative services like photography, graphic design, and website & blog support which can help you earn money online (for a list of all KAFOU services, please click here).